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The IPS Podcast | Educational Platform on Life

A warm welcome to the podcast of The IPS Project, the educational platform on life. In this podcast hosted by Jellis Vaes, the founder of The IPS Project, you can expand your knowledge about life topics that we learn little to nothing about growing up—topics such as mental health, relationships, the workings of the mind, etc. We will learn about them from experts and people from all walks of life.

Sep 4, 2017

The Inner Picture Stories Podcast hits another milestone of 10 episodes. That means nothing less than a new 5-Bullet Point episode!

Each one of them serves one of two functions. Firstly, you can either listen to them at a moment when you are in need of a quick boost of wisdom, insights, lessons, or reminders from our past 5 guests that we had on the show.

Secondly, they can be used as preview episodes for you to filter out and select which one of the past episodes suits the current situation you are in, in your life.

Links for each episode can be found here in the descriptions, taking you straight to the full episodes.


  • Muni Natarajan: Ever wondered what life would be like in a monastery? Muni Natarajan, an ex-monk who lived for 37 years in a monastery sits down with Jellis Vaes in this episode to answer questions about the lessons, the experiences and the wisdom that he learned through those years of being a monk.


  • Julia Bainbridge: It has been mentioned by many psychologists that our next big public health issue could very well be loneliness. For many reasons, Inner Picture Stories found it vitally important to explore the topic of loneliness here on the podcast. And who better to do it with than the host of The Lonely Hour, a podcast that explores the feelings of loneliness and aloneness - Julia Bainbridge. For anyone struggling with loneliness, and seeking deeper answers, this episode is perfect for you.


  • Jellis Vaes: In this episode, Jellis Vaes shares his story of the journey he took from being at the low point of wanting to give up on life, into the changes and lessons he came to witness from traveling around the world for 3 years.


  • Dave & Deb: This inspiring and insightful episode with Dave & Deb, founders of the multi award-winning travel blog The Planet D, is one filled with wisdom and lessons about the deeper insights travel can bring into a person’s life.


  • Martin Inderbitzin: Brace yourself for a very compelling episode, with an example of what human bravery and strength looks like. Martin Inderbitzin, a neuroscientist, cancer survivor, triathlete, and founder of My Survival Story sits down with Jellis Vaes and talks about the lessons he came to learn out of the hardships from fighting a rare kind of pancreatic cancer.


Show notes and links for this episode can be found at


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